Room 10
Class News
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Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be

What we are learning about this term

Numeracy- Multiplication/Division (mental and written);

-CLIC, please ask your child what they have been using for counting and Learn Its this term, as well as continuing to reinforce all known times tables.

Literacy- Higher Order Reading with “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, developing skills in inference, predicting, visualising, word building and questioning.

- Developing comprehension skills using a variety of texts and practising dictionary skills.            
Writing: Learning to ‘uplevel’ our writing by using The Big Writing VCOP Impact lessons.  
Looking at the formal language and layout of pieces of Imaginative Writing.

French – Classroom objects, colours and personal information.

H&WB – This term within Health and Wellbeing the children will be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (R.S.H.P) relating to the following aspects of Curriculum for Excellence :- feelings/emotions, love/marriage, internet safety, personal hygiene, respecting personal space and boundaries. Children will also learn about their growing and developing bodies, the correct names for body parts, gender differences and the basic necessary tasks required for looking after a baby.

RME – Moses/Pesach

P.L.P’s- Setting Term 2 Targets and deciding how to achieve these in school/at home – look out for targets at the back of your child’s homework diary.

Our Interdisciplinary Study/other relevant information:

Our I.D.L study for this term will involve finishing off aspects of “The Romans” then moving onto “Space”.  The children will be able to tell you what they have been learning as we progress into this topic.

Class rewards- Personal points and Group Coins will be awarded. We also work as a class to maintain reward time during the week. Awards are also given at Assemblies.

“We are Proud of/Experts in…”- In room 10 we celebrate all successes, in and out of school. This is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence four capacities and recognising pupils’ achievements. If your child completes work they are proud of in class by trying their best and meeting all of the success criteria, this will be displayed on our Proud Wall. Our experts wall is at the doorway where the children can leave a note if they feel they have learned something thoroughly and are able to perhaps help others, or if they have achieved a skill out at home/a club they would like to share. I am encouraging the children to use this wall in term 2 more.

Homework – pupils are responsible for recording all homework tasks/spelling words accurately in their diary each week. Diaries/reading books should be brought to school each day. Homework will usually be due on a Friday. If your child is completing a spelling strategy that does not lend itself to writing, please note the date and title of the activity in jotters. I ask if you could sign next to these strategies as well as the homework diaries. Thank you.

 P.E kits should be kept in school. This will allow pupils to fully take part in the curriculum. Please ensure your child’s belongings are labelled. Our P.E days are Mondays/Wednesdays.

How you can help your child

*Ask your child that mental maths/counting they have been learning and reinforce this at home.

  Practise all tables and their linked division facts to enable children to recall these with increasing 

  pace. Numbers bonds to 100/20/10 should be quickly recalled also.

*Reinforce/learning to tell the time at home is helpful, particularly minutes to/past and transferring this to digital time.

*Encourage your child to read a variety of genres regularly. Ask questions about the text

  and allow pupils to make up their own questions.

*Keep all letters/diaries/homework materials inside a plastic A4 homework folder.

*Help your child to organise themselves with all they need for school e.g. homework, pencils, letters, P.E kit etc. and come to school Ready to Learn.

*Use Studyladder, Education City, Sumdog, Top Marks or other online sites to reinforce concepts using games. (see online homework handout)

*Check your child’s homework and sign jotters/tasks.

*Use any books/available resources to find out information about your child’s topic.

*Help your child use spelling strategies/activities that best aid them to remember spelling words accurately.

*Find out the meaning of any unknown spelling words and encourage your child to discuss the context in which you would use the word.

*Practise French vocabulary regularly.

*Helping your child with any given projects.