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Class News
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Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be

What we are learning about this term:

Literacy -  This term we have a focus on our Scots text, ‘King O’ the Midden’. We will develop our understanding of Scots vocabulary through Rhyme and Poetry. Pupils have been given several poems to become familiar with and recite. Non fiction texts will also cover part of this terms work.  Active Literacy strategies will continue to enhance our literacy sessions and pupils are becoming more responsive to these and applying skills learnt in everyday tasks. Within writing we will be continuing to develop our Poetry skills and Imaginative writing will be our major focus and pupils will be writing some adventure stories throughout the term.

Maths and Numeracy – Using the Big Maths programme, the children will be involved in daily mental maths (CLIC) sessions to enhance and develop their numeracy skills. This term the children will be developing their skills in division, using money, weight, area and fractions and decimals. Any practical input at home is always beneficial to support the work done in class.

French – Everyday language skills will be reinforced and pupils will become more familiar with describing their own personal information including some short written responses.

Health and Wellbeing – A reminder that our PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

Our Interdisciplinary Study/other relevant information:

I.D.L/ Enterprise – This term we will be learning about Scotland’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and understanding how the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people has impacted society in the past and in the modern era. A showcase event will be organised for parents at the end of this term and further information will follow in due course.

Science- Plant life Cycles, Electricity and simple circuits.

Class rewards- Personal points and Star of the Week will be awarded throughout the year. We also work as a class to gain reward time and group points. Awards are also given at Assemblies.

Homework - Children will be issued with spelling and numeracy homework on a Monday for completion by Friday. Reading homework will also issued during each week, and will be due in the following week.

The children have been provided with homework diaries and are being encouraged to take ownership of these and manage their own workload. Homework diaries should be brought to school every day and we ask that you check and sign these regularly.

How you can help your child:

  • Ask your child what mental maths/counting they have been learning and reinforce this at home.
  • Practise all tables and their linked division facts to enable children to recall these with increasing pace. Numbers bonds to 100 should be quickly recalled also.
  • Encourage your child to read a variety of genres regularly. Ask questions about the text

       and allow pupils to make up their own questions.

  • Help your child to organise themselves with all they need for school e.g. homework, letters, P.E   kit etc. and come to school Ready to Learn.
  • Use Sumdog, Top Marks or other online sites to reinforce concepts using games.
  • Check your child’s homework and sign jotters/tasks.
  • Use any books/available resources to find out information about your child’s topic.
  • Use multi sensory approaches to reinforce spelling e.g. magnetic letters, play dough, paint, rainbow writing.
  • Practise French vocabulary regularly
  • Helping your child with any given projects