Room 12
Class News
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Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be

What we are learning about this term:


  • We will be celebrating Scots Week by reading ‘Geordie’s Mingin Medicine’ and we will use this to further develop our Higher Order Reading Skills. In particular, we will focus on building vocabulary and visualisation.
  • Throughout the term we will continue to develop our comprehension skills using a variety of texts.
  • In Writing we will be looking at the Science Fiction genre and will create our own Science Fiction stories. Later in the term we will move onto discursive writing.


  • Children will continue to develop their skills in numerical operations including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  • Children will complete daily mental activities and games to help develop their number recall further.
  • This term children will be looking at time and will be reading and converting between 12 and 24 hour clocks. We will also look at length, perimeter and area.


  • This term we will be looking at Inspirational People and People of Faith. We will look at different people throughout History who have fought for rights.


  • This term within Health and Wellbeing the children will be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (R.S.H.P) relating to the following aspects of Curriculum for Excellence :-  feelings/emotions, relationships, love/marriage, internet safety, personal hygiene and respecting personal space and boundaries. Pupils will also learn about puberty, menstruation and reproduction. Parents/carers will have the opportunity to view the teaching materials prior to the lessons taught (invitation to follow).

Our Interdisciplinary Study/other relevant information:

  • This term, our interdisciplinary topic will be the ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’. Throughout this topic, children will investigate key members of the Wars and look at the key events from this period. 
  • At the start of term we will be covering Science, where we will be investigating how animals adapt to their habitats, and how changes affect them. We will look at plants and the effect fertilisers have.
  • Class rewards – Children can earn classroom pounds for following instructions and producing excellent work. They can use their money to buy rewards. We have a Secret Student each week who will earn money if they have been working well all week. Great work and effort is celebrated in the classroom and we have our Wonderful Work Wall which showcases the best work in the class.
  •  It would be helpful if P.E kits could be kept in school at all times. Children will have P.E on a Thursday and a Friday. The children in Room 12 will restart the Daily Mile when the weather picks up.

How you can help your child

Children will be issued with Spelling, Reading and Numeracy homework on a Monday morning. Children may also have additional topic related homework occasionally.

Children are responsible for recording their homework tasks in their Homework diaries. Diaries should be brought to school each day.


Practising times tables is always beneficial and helps develop mental agility, as well as mental addition and subtraction. Practising these at home can greatly benefit and will help children recall their number facts with increasing pace.


Please encourage your child to read for enjoyment and discuss what they are reading at home. Not only will this help to promote reading for pleasure, it will help to increase vocabulary, improve comprehension and provide a rich source of inspiration for writing!