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What are we learning this term?

Numeracy – This term our focus will turn to division with many of the children mastering the art of mental and written division strategies.  The children will also be learning to measure and to convert different units of measurement namely around weight, length and volume. The children will also continue to develop and consolidate their understanding of time and how to calculate durations. Time is a concept that requires to be revisited regularly and we will do this in class while all the time providing appropriate opportunities for challenge. Finally the children will consolidate and develop their knowledge and understanding of decimals, fractions and percentages.

Towards the end of this term the P7’s will begin working on the Stonelaw Learning Community maths transition programme in liaison with Stonelaw High School’s Maths Department staff. The purpose of this programme is to equip the children with an understating of the standards expected in S1 mathematics.

Literacy - So far this term the children have continued to develop their reading skills through group reading & discussion, comprehension activities linked to developing the key reading skills as well as reading for pleasure during ERIC time and library visits. The children will continue to develop and improve their writing by undertaking daily writing tasks ranging from VCOP activities to spelling to handwriting and grammar and punctuation. As well as this we will be focusing on developing two key writing genres this term, that of imaginative and report writing. The children will visit Sky Academy in February (further information to follow) and writing preparation works have already begun for this exciting opportunity.  The children continue to have lots of opportunities to develop their talking and listening skills through plentiful class discussions across a range of topics including their ‘Newsround’ activities.

H&W – This term within Health and Wellbeing the children will be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (R.S.H.P) relating to the following aspects of Curriculum for Excellence:- feelings/emotions, relationships, love/marriage, internet safety, personal hygiene and respecting personal space and boundaries. Children will also develop an understanding of their growing/developing bodies as well as the necessary tasks required for looking after a baby. P.6 pupils will learn about puberty, menstruation and basic reproduction while in addition to this, P.7 pupils will learn about pregnancy and the needs of the unborn baby. Parents/carers will have the opportunity to view the teaching materials prior to the lessons taught (invitation to follow).

Topic - The children have begun the study of the USA as their interdisciplinary topic this term and so far they have shown a real interest in learning about all aspects of American history, culture and society. We will use this topic to develop our skills and abilities across curricular areas including in Literacy, Numeracy, the Expressive arts, Technologies as well as developing our knowledge and understanding within the social subjects.

PE – The children have been enjoying their P.E. at Stonelaw High School.  These sessions are highly interactive and popular with the pupils with sessions being led by S4 pupils.  When the session end we will continue P.E. in school with a focus on gymnastics whereby we will be developing core skills including rotation, jumps and balances using apparatus.

ICT – The children will continue to use ICT to enhance learning across curricular areas. In particular the children will use ICT to support mapping and research skills linked to their topic. We will also be using the graphic package Serif Drawplus to design and create high quality graphic images.  We will also look at Internet Safety, including the pros and cons of Social Media.

How can I help my child?

Homework – the children will continue to write up their weekly homework in their diary on a Monday and most tasks will be due back by the Friday of that week unless stated otherwise. This is to give your child the choice of when they do their homework so to work around after school activities and commitments. Homework will normally be 4 tasks, roughly one a night, and will normally include reading, maths, spelling, topic. 

Numeracy - when possible play mental maths games to help sharpen those skills. The children have all now been set up to use RM EasiMaths.  This can be accessed via the child’s GLOW account.  This will only work on a PC/Laptop device.  RM EasiMaths is a highly interactive maths program that will consolidate and develop mental maths skills. 

Literacy - Continue to encourage your child to read as widely as possible at home as there is no doubt how much it benefits children across all aspects of their learning.

Extra information:

PE – P.E. will continue to be delivered in Stonelaw High School on a Monday afternoon with our last session being Monday 4 February.  Our P.E. session will then return to a Monday am and Thursday am.