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May Newsletter 2015 and Class Newsletters Term 3 (added 11.05.15)

May 2015 Newsletter is now available to view under the 'Newsletters' section of this page.  Class Newsletters for Term three can now be located within each class page.  There is also the option of a hard copy download by clicking 'Term 3' within each class page.

Lockerbie Manor - Day three (added 07.05.15)

Day three welcomed us with a lovely sunny blue sky morning.  This was very welcome, although as you can imagine, the current conditions and smells of the PODs and drying room could make you think something different.  The third day is always the day where the staff need to wake most of the children up.  Oh it was very quiet outside the PODs.

Thursday is the day of the watersports - canoeing and kayaking.  Groups 4 and 5 were up first this morning.  All were determined not to get wet, until eventually they had to give up.  Miss Young managed on her kayak with no support.  Groups 6 and 7 were timetabled in the afternoon.  I went in, again, determined not to get wet, but had to give up!  Natalie managed to fall in the water three times, but by the look of her face she loved it.  Alix and Mia managed to stand and paddle the kayak - both girls were outstanding at such a tricky skill.  It took me almost two minutes to stand up on the boat alone!  At the end, having learned how to paddle, turn, travel forward and back time was up.  Many of the children were determined to jump into the water from the jetty, some unaware of how cold it actually was - myself included.  A rather wet bunch of 20 children returned to the PODs.

Other activities today included a rather muddy blind trail, which, from a spectators point of view, is comedy at its best.  The obstacle course met some people with lovely clean hair, faces and painted nails... that didn't last long!  And the last group to attempt the zip wire all achieved success.  This evening we have a group fencing and others completing their blind trail/obstacle course.

Tonight marks our last night together.  Where has the week gone?!  Enjoying a wonderful sunset, all the children have had an amazing experience and I am sure they will tell you all about it tomorrow when they greet you.  All I need to do is warn you... be prepared for muddy, wet, stinky children back in your house tomorrow (friday) and enjoy cleaning the clothes and I suppose the children :-)

Over and out.

Lockerbie Manor - Day two (added 06.05.15) *PHOTOS ADDED TO NEWS GALLERY - MORE TO COME*

Well our first full night was successful.  Approximately all of the children were overcome by the excitement of being away from home and staying with their school mates.  Therefore at this present moment in time (7.10 pm) there are a few who I know for definite will be asleep by 9 pm!

We woke up to a rather wet morning but that didn't dampen the spirits.  Groups 6 and 7 enjoyed (I say loosely) the hill walk.  Mr Currie and Mr Gowran joined them for a challenging walk in the wonderful weather conditions.  A few slips later and they were back.  Groups 4 and 5 joined me (Mr Campbell) and Mrs Anderson.  Luckily for us the weather had improved so we had a bit of sun to enjoy.

Other activities today included archery, zip wire, abseiling, climbing wall and obstacle course, high and low ropes.  Many conquered their fear of heights and were supported and cheered by their class mates.  It was very encouraging to see!  Needless to say parents, be prepared for muddy clothes on our return.  The dry room is currently full to the brim with muddy jumpers, T-shirts, trousers, shoes etc. 

Our last sesion will finish at 8.30 pm where tuck shop will be served as well as everyone going for a warm relaxing shower before bed.


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