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Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be
New Breakfast Club update (added 05.08.18)
I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely warm weather and isn't missing school too much!

I am pleased to confirm that our new FREE Breakfast Club will start on MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER. It will run every day in the school lunch hall, 8.15-8.45 am and will provide breakfast only (no activities, except table top games ~ all donations welcome!!). Our Cook in Charge will provide breakfasts while school staff and parent volunteers will be on hand to ensure a safe, secure environment for pupils. Entry will be from 8.15am at the lunch hall playground door at the upper playground, which can be reached via the lower or middle playgrounds. Following breakfast, pupils will then go out into their own playgrounds from 8,45am, when staff are available to supervise. If you have already returned  the reply slip issued in June, your child already has a place allocated and you do not need to do anything more. If however, you missed the school information issued and would like your child/children to attend the Breakfast Club,  please inform our office staff via telephone on 0141 634 1916, from 16th August, stating children's names, classes and the days you would like them to attend. I am sure our BReakfast Club will be a real success!

Email and computer system - downtime (added 20.06.18)  New!
Please note, our school Refresh will commence this Friday (22 June) until the end of term.  There will be no computer access in school for pupils and staff.  We ask Parents/Carers to contact the main office via telephone (0141 634 1916) with any communications as emails will not be picked up throughout the school day.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Credit Union - final collection (added 20.06.18)  New!
Please note, the final Credit Union collection will be this Friday - the 22nd of June.

Lockerbie Manor day 3 (added 10.05.18)  
Well what a difference 24 hours can make.  Not one person out of their POD before 7.30 am.  I think it's safe to say having completed 5 activities on Wednesday, added with the heavy rain, the children were exhausted.  We did however wake up to a lovely sunny morning though which was very well recieved by all.

Our first activities included Jacobs Ladder, Zip Wire, Mountain biking and abseilling.  Again as the week has gone on, all staff and instructors have been impressed by the determination to face and conquer real fears.

We held a POD inspection at lunch as the growing number of clothing items either not making it to the POD room or boot room (being left at the POD door in the rain) was alarming.  The children did an excellent job at cleaning and organising their clothes.  I somehow don't think I'll be saying this tomorrow when there will be an abundance of clothes lying in the drying room unclaimed.

Tonight our groups are tackilng low ropes, raft build, mountain biking and obstacle course (another muddy one!)  We also have another birthday to celebrate - Amber's.  Although her birthday is on Friday, we will celebrate it in the final night in Lockerbie.

Fingers crossed for a smooth happy fun night tonight before you're welcomed back with smelly, wet, torn, lost clothing.  

I will attempt to continue to update the gallery over the weekend as I have literally hundreds of photos, so please keep all eyes peeled.  Mrs. McGarvey is keeping Twitter updated with videos I have taken of the children.

We will see you all tomorrow!

Lockerbie Manor day 2 (added 09.05.18)  
I start tonights blog with news I never thought I'd ever report - the girls were awake first.  Infact so early some (probably most) were awake before 5 am, ready and waiting on breakfast.  Needless to say my request to go back to bed didn't go down too well.  And as I type I know many are beginning to regret the early rise!  As for the boys - first class!  A great sleep to be had by all.

We began day 2 on a dry note.  Although chilly, it was dry.  Many of the groups today took part in the water activities.  Many were soaked through before the rain hit.  Other groups took part in the very challenging high ropes course.  I was very proud of each and individual child as they all attemped part if not all of the course.  Having done it myself, I shared some fears with them!

A few other activities included orienteering, abseiling, blind trail and tonight we have two groups taking part in the evening walk and raft build.  Unfortunately our weather has turned for the worse and tonight it is very wet and probably for most, uncomfortable.

We have a special birthday today - Ewan is 12 so we will all meet in the meeting area (which has a roof...thankfully) where we will sing happy birthday and eat some birthday cake before tuck shop, showers and most likely, an early night.

Tomorrow promises to be a better day with the weather and already we are excited about that.

I have uploaded some photos to the 'news gallery' which you can access on this webpage.  Furthermore, I have taken some videos of children taking part on activities which can be found on the Burnside Primary Twitter page.  Give it a follow!

Lockerbie Manor day 1 (added 08.05.18)  

Well, we finally made it!  After a relaxing drive on the magic bus the children arrived safe and sound in Manor Adventure.  We were greeted by some instructors who made us feel very welcome.  The children were shown to their PODs where they unpacked and very quickly started their first activity.  Our first set of activities were low ropes, orienteering and mountain biking. Shortly after we had dinner before our second and final activity for the day - evening walk, raft build and blind trail.  Having never been to the blind trail myself, what a laugh I had.  As it had been raining earlier in the day you can be assured the kids were covered from foot to toe in mud!  Some embraced it, some struggled, but it sure gave me a laugh.  

We we are a bit late with the update this evening (currently 22:18 hours) due to all the excitement.  Tomorrow it is an exceptionally early rise as breakfast will be served at 7.30 am!

We are all now in the PODs, plenty of chatting can be heard. Let’s hope for a settled night for a busy day tomorrow. 

May Newsletter (added 04.05.18) 
Please find May Newsletter within newsletters section of this webpage.

Education City access (added 09.03.18) 
All Education City homework module access details are currently being organised and should be with home by Friday 16 March.

March 2018 Newsletter (added 06.03.18) 
Please find March 2018 Newsletter within the 'Newsletters' section of this website.

*SCHOOL CLOSURE - FRIDAY 2 MARCH*  (updated at 1.18 pm - Thursday 01.03)
Due to ongoing weather issues South Lanarkshire Council has announced that ALL schools and nurseries will remain closed on FRIDAY 2 MARCH.  

*SCHOOL CLOSURE - THURSDAY 1 MARCH*   (Updated at 12.43 pm - Wednesday 28.02)
South Lanarkshire Council has announced that due to the ongoing weather concerns, ALL schools and nurseries in South Lanarkshire will be CLOSED on Thursday 1 March.  We will update the website with updates as we get them.

Due to the severe weather South Lanarkshire Council has CLOSED ALL schools today (Wednesday 28 February).  We will update the website with any updates.

February 2018 Newsletter (added 15.02.18) 
Please find February 2018 uploaded to the 'Newsletters' section of this website.

Remaining P.1 enrolments (added 19.01.18)
Due to today's early closure, the final P.1 enrolment session this afternoon was unable to go ahead as planned. Your child can be enrolled at the school on Monday 22 January, 11.15 -12.15pm or Wednesday 24 January, 9.00-9.45am. We look forward to seeing you then.

Friday 19.01.18 (updated Friday at 8.15pm)
A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this afternoon's smooth running early closure. Thank you to staff who have been travelling from afar this week under difficult weather conditions to ensure a normal start to the day for our pupils this week. Huge thanks to parents/carers for their vigilence, patience and support this week and while collecting pupils from school today. Our emergency closure information (see website) remains in place. In the event of an emergency closure we have a facility to contact parents via text in the first instance however due to a high level of network activity, please note some texts may take longer to arrive. In adverse weather circumstances, SLC and school twitter pages will be updated as well as the school website and Parent Council facebook page. We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

URGENT INFORMATION (updated Friday 19.01.18 at 11 am)
Please note school will close today at 12.30pm following SLC adverse weather advice. Please collect your child from the office anytime from now. E-mail   office@burnside-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk  if you have arranged for someone else to collect your child. Stay safe everyone!

Thursday 18th January
We are open as normal this morning however we are still experiencing problems with our phoneline. If you need to contact us please e-mail  office@burnside-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk
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