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Lockerbie Manor 2016 - Final photos - (added 19.05.16)  New!
The last set of photos have now been uploaded.  Enjoy!

Class Term 3 Updates - (added 19.05.16)  New!
Term 3 class updates are now available within the 'Classes' section of this website.

May Newsletter - (added 12.05.16) 
Our May Newsletter has now been uploaded to the website.  It can be located within the 'Newsletters' section of this page.

Lockerbie Manor 2016 - Day 4 (Friday 06.05.16)  
Well our final day has arrived.  The children tell me it has been a long yet quick week.  Our biggest challenge was packing our cases!  The boys won hands down for being the most organised (sorry girls, but it's true).  After breakfast and packing our three groups took to the final set of activities - orienteering, climbing wall and crate stacking.  Many were feeling rather tired and the thought of going home excited them.  For others, they could have stayed a good bit longer.

I hope all the parents have enjoyed washing all the dirty clothes over the weekend.  The children were a pleasure to take away and we hope they have learned lots about themselves and others.  We shall see all the children bright and early tomorrow (Monday).

Photos continue to be uploaded.

Lockerbie Manor 2016 - Day 3 (Thursday 05.05.16)  
Well our last full day is nearly over.  We had a rather early breakfast at 7.45 am.  Let's just say we were almost dragging some children out of their PODs as they were rather sleepy! 

Our first set of activities today were High Ropes, Archery and Obstacle Course.  Group 8 challenged themselves to complete the rather high course.  All were extremely brave and should be proud of what they achieved.  Miss. Edelsten had a go too!  I had my attempt in the evening, and let's just say I have never been so petrified!

All three groups took part in the Canoeing and Kayak.  Those who did not want to get wet got wet.  One group in particular were determined to get themselves soaked right through. 

After dinner the groups finished with High Ropes, Abseiling and Crate Stacking.  There were a few tears (myself being one) on the High Ropes, but we have never been so proud of some of the children who conquered their genuine fear of heights! 

As we get ready for bed all we can say is how much fun and learning we have experienced during our time at Lockerbie Manor.  Watching the children cheer and encourage those who found tasks challenging was wonderful to see, and yet again the positive feedback from all the instructors has been excellent to hear.

Tomorrow (Friday) sees the last groups complete the final two activities.  Some are very excited to come home, other not so excited.  I plan to update the website either Friday evening or over the weekend with the final update.  I will include all photos that I have not been able to upload (a rather slow internet connection here so it is taking longer than hoped).  

*INFORMATION* - We plan to arrive back at school for 3.15 pm approx.  I will call the School Office to let them know when we have departed from Lockerbie.  Due to the school buses being on school grounds at 3 pm, can I ask no cars enter the school grounds until 3.15 pm onwards.  This will ensure a smooth transition to occur.  Please feel free to pass this message between parents.


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