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Burnside Primary School, Glenlui Avenue, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 4JE t.  0141 634 1916  f.  0141 630 0883 e.  office@burnside-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk
Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be

Consultation on proposed changes to school hours from August 2017 (added 19.02.17)
With the consultation regarding proposed changes to our school hours underway, I thought I would take the opportunity to address some queries raised in conversation with parents. I hope this may be useful. The proposal is that in the new session, we continue with the 9 to 3 hours in place at the Spittal decant with some change to timings during the day. This is based on observations over a length of time by the Senior Management Team as well as Teaching and Support staff, both prior to and during our time in decant.

We continually strive to do all we can to raise attainment in numeracy and literacy. We want to ensure we optimise learning and teaching during class time and we are also aware that children are more receptive in the mornings and can find it more difficult to concentrate in the afternoons; many children find a 2 hour afternoon without a break challenging. We believe that lengthening the morning and shortening the afternoon slightly would help with this, while still ensuring enough time in the afternoons for lessons.

It is unusual for primary schools to have more than 45 minutes for lunch (all other primaries in the Stonelaw Learning Community allow only 45 minutes). We believe the 1 hour lunch break goes back many years to when the school had a much larger role. We had been aware for some time before decanting that 1 hour may be too long a period. Pupils tended to become more restless in the latter part of the lunch hour, particularly the younger children. The decant, with its 45 minute lunch break has given us the opportunity to monitor the difference and we have seen a significant improvement. While some children take longer to eat than others, 45 minutes is long enough for most pupils to eat and play. Staff will always need to encourage some children to eat while in the dining hall however this is also the case with a 1 hour lunch break. Due to end of day school transport in the decant, we have run many clubs at lunchtime which have been operating successfully. We ensure that pupils attending a club are served lunch first, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the club, which is just the right length of time for a primary school child. We plan to continue with a variety of lunchtime clubs following our move to the new school.

Aligning with our neighbouring schools in a 3 pm finish would also help with the organisation of interschool events such as sports festivals. This alignment will become more significant as we know that pooling and interschool activities will become an ever increasing part of school life, due to both the need to share resources and the wish for our schools to share practice and learn from each other.

We continue to consult with staff, parents/carers, SLC, Facility Managers, our main associated after school care providers, ward Councillors and Police Scotland as well as others in order to reach the best possible outcomes for the children. We will be able to feedback to everyone as soon as possible following the close of the consultation and discussion with the Executive Director.

Just over 5 weeks to go......(added 19.02.17)
........until the children leave the Spittal decant building on Tuesday 28 March at 3 pm and look forward to the start of a new era at the brand new Burnside Primary on Tuesday 18 April at 9 am. The new building has now been handed over to SLC and we will have an exciting few weeks as the finishing touches are being made. As we get nearer to the move, we will send home information telling you which gate your child will use and where they will line up etc. We have many activities planned in the next few weeks so look out for a letter coming home with details.

February Newsletter (added 01.02.17)  New!
Please find February Newsletter within the 'Newsletters' section of the website.

Scots Week (added 23.01.17)  New!
The children will be involved in a number of activities this week as part of our Scots Week.

Each class will read a Scots text as part of our literacy programme and will have the opportunity to take part in a Scots themed treasure hunt. The children will also have the opportunity to take part in a mini Highland Games on Friday.

The children are also welcome to wear some tartan to school on Wednesday 25 January if they wish.

I am sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy Scots Week!

Best wishes to all our families and friends for a healthy and prosperous 2017!
We are planning a busy final term in our decant building and are looking forward to the move to our new school in the coming weeks.
Next week we look forward to enrolling our new P.1 pupils. Enrolment will take place at the following times:-
Monday 16th     9.15-10.15 am and 1.30-2.30 pm
Tuesday 17th     
9.15-10.15 am and 1.30-2.30 pm
Thursday 19th   
9.15-10.15 am and 1.30-2.30 pm
Friday 20th   1.30-2.30 pm
Please bring along your child's full birth certificate and 2 official pieces of documentation containing parent/carer home address (e.g bank statement, utility bill, driving licence). Mobile phone bills and passports are not accepted. it is not necessary for your child to attend and enrolment shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes. We look forward to seeing you next week!
End of Term dismissal - Thursday 23 December (added 20.12.16) 
School will close at 2.30 pm on Thursday and re-start at 9 am on Monday 9 January. Pupils will be dismissed at 2.30 pm on Thursday when they will travel by bus back to Burnside or can be picked up at the side door. As always, if there are any changes to normal travel arrangements please contact the school office by 11 am in the morning.

School Lunch options - Thursday 23 December (added 20.12.16) 
Please note that cold lunches only will be available on Thursday. The menu will consist of soup followed by either a cheese or ham roll with ice cream to finish. Children can order in the morning as normal.

Christmas Show Photos (added 20.12.16) 
Photos of our wonderful Christmas show have now been added to the 'News Gallery'.

School Hampers - The winners!  (added 19.12.16) 
We would like to extend our thanks to all those for the wonderful contributions to our class hampers.  They were extremely popular and we can report an amazing £977 was raised which will go towards the provision of K'Nex Technology kits for classes.

Please see the list of winners below:-
Room 1 Tins Gordon MacKay
Room 2 Italian Anne Henderson, R.10
Room 3 Tea and coffee Lucy Doherty, R.10
Room 4 Sweetie Danny McAteer, R.14
Room 5 Christmas Sam Phillips, R.4
Room 6 Baking Ronnie Ogilvie
Room 7 Gardening Jessica Gogarty, R.7
Room 8 Car Dylan Keir, R.13
Room 9 Chocolate Jamie Phillips, R.9
Room 10 'For Him' Jessica Cranston
Room 11 Mexican Chloe Shaw, R.10
Room 12 Cleaning Logan Emmott-Sinclair, R.4
Room 13 'For Her' Wallace McGovern
Room 14 Scottish Jackson Miller, R.13

Lunch change to Thursday 15 December (added 14.12.16) 
Please not change to Thursday Menu:
Blue Tray - Chicken Curry with boiled rice
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