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Learning Together and Growing Together  to Be All That We Can Be

What we are learning about this term:

Literacy: Throughout this term, we will be developing imaginative and functional writing skills, using V.C.O.P. (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) to make our writing more interesting.  In imaginative writing lessons we will be focusing on creating fantasy texts while our functional writing lessons will look at persuasive texts.  The children will continue to learn how to join their handwriting and should be encouraged to use the joins they have been taught during all written tasks.  This term in reading, we will continue to work on our higher order reading strategies including, making predictions, making connections, skimming, scanning, determining importance and summarising.  As part of Scots Week we will study “The Gruffalo in Scots”, as well as, learning “The Welly Boot Song”.

Numeracy and Maths: This term, our main focus is on subtraction, as well as continuing revision of  addition and learning multiplication facts.  The new learn its will be posted on the blog- the address is below.  Please try to practise these as often as possible.  In addition to this we will also be looking at Weight, Measure and Capacity and Time.  Our focus for time lessons will be on quarter to and quarter past. Look out for some new additions to our class study ladder in the near future.

Interdisciplinary Study: This term, our interdisciplinary topic is “The Ancient Egyptians”.  The children will be

comparing aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with their own.  They will also gain an understanding that whilst evidence, such as, artefacts are useful in helping us learn about the past, they can vary in the extent to which they can be trusted.  I am sure the children will really enjoy their topic and will be keen to share their learning with you!

French: The children will be continuing to learn new vocabulary for the calendar, colours and food.

Health and Wellbeing: Our P.E slots are on a Monday and a Friday.  This term, the boys and girls will be introduced to hockey and will be developing their gymnastic skills.  Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for these days and all jewellery, especially ear-rings are removed.

The children will also be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (R.S.H.P) relating to the following aspects of Curriculum for Excellence :-

friendships/co-operation, feelings – self and others and personal safety.  Children will also learn about how they change as they grow up, the correct names for body parts and animal life cycles.

How you can help your child?

  • Please help your child to organise themselves with all they need for school e.g. homework, letters, money. 
  • Check your child’s homework and encourage your child to put their best effort into homework tasks.
  • Practise reading each night and discuss the text.  Sign your child’s reading marker.  Additionally, encourage your child to read other texts or read a text together. 
  • Practise “Learn Its” as often as possible.
  • Check your child’s homework and encourage your child to put their best effort into homework tasks.
  • Practise this year’s Learn Its

Other relevant information:

Library Visits: Room 6 have the chance to go to the library on a Wednesday afternoon.  In order to change books the children will require their library book bag.  If your child loses the book bag, they may purchase a new one for £1 and if the book they have borrowed is lost, the library ask that a book from home is donated to replace the lost one or a donation is made towards the cost of a new book.

As part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, your child has been issued with their own reading passport.  They will have opportunities in class to complete this and and it would be great if you could remind them to add any books they have read at home.